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Why choose Swiss Airport Transfer Services

It is easy to book flights and holidays but then comes the dilemma of how we get from one place to another. Should you take an executive airport transfer or drive yourself?

As a traveler, deciding between hiring an airport transfer with Swiss Airport Transfer or renting a car and driving yourself is not always easy. We have compared the pros and cons of both options so you can make your decision easier.

Airport transfer with Swiss Airport Transfers

A private transfer lets you know the exact cost, pre-pays for your trip so there is no need to worry about it. When you land at the airport, a driver will track your flight and be waiting with their sign when you come down from customs. You can go straight home without having to wait in line or drag luggage on buses because they already have it sorted out!

Our executive airport transfers service is smooth and hassle-free. You can forget about transfer for the entire duration of your stay once in our car because we make sure you arrive at your destination without any trouble or complication, sitting back to relax until then.

For your convenience and stress-free travels, we’ll tell you when to leave for the airport. No need to worry about timings; our experienced drivers will get everyone there on time with child seats that fit all ages — free of charge!

When booking a private transfer, you are guaranteed an experienced driver who knows how to deal with bad traffic conditions or incidents that block roads. They know the best routes and shortcuts so you can get from point A to B quickly!

Car Hire / Driving Yourself

You need a big enough car to start with. This means that if you plan on taking sports equipment, like skis or golf clubs, then the smallest economy option is not going to work for you. You will also have to pay extra for child seats so it’s important that these are included in your initial rental cost estimate before making any decisions about what kind of vehicle would be most suitable for your needs.

As you begin to add up the costs of hiring a car, it will start becoming clear that there are many hidden fees and expenses. Before even picking your rental vehicle at an airport, ask yourself how much time you have available for finding those returns areas as well as spending extra money on fuel or motorway charges.

Driving in a foreign country is an experience, but it also comes with its challenges. If you have more than one driver then the designated driver will be missing out on scenery and wine during lunchtime. To ensure that this does not happen to anyone there should only be one person driving at any given time so everyone can enjoy themselves along the way!

It is very important to consider all of the costs involved when deciding whether or not you should pay for parking your car at an airport. For instance, in addition to paying a fee for parking, one must also add up any gas expenses they might have had from driving their own vehicle instead of taking public transportation, and then there’s waiting time spent on buses that go back and forth between terminals during rush hour traffic as well as after long flights which can be delayed.

Whether you’re traveling domestically or for business, we have the best airport transfers. Our luxury executive cars are more than affordable and easy to book with us! Travel in comfort without worrying about parking costs, petrol prices, and extras that other services may include – just a relaxing transfer from Swiss Airport Transfer Services.

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